Journal of Research in Dentistry

Objective, the Journal of Research in Dentistry is a bimonthly publication which aims to to bring to light scientific and technologic advances, following quality guidelines and peer reviews of relevance to the entire dental scientific community as well as related specialties from local, regional, national and international sources.

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Vol 5, No 1 (2017)

Table of Contents


Oral rehabilitation in mixed dentition: the challenge of replacing permanent teeth PDF
Flavio Warol, Iony Lopes Bispo, Rodolfo Carvalho Oliveira, Roberta Barcelos, Angela Scarparo 2-5
Prosthetic rehabilitation of a patient with near total maxillectomy using a hollow bulb obturator: a case report PDF
Archana Vyas, Dhanasekar B, I N Aparna, Prabhu Nayana 6-10
The knowledge, attitude and practice regarding the pediatric preventive dental care amongst medical practitioners: a cross sectional study PDF
Beena M S, Faizal C Peedikayil, Soni Kottayi, Dhanesh Narasimhan 11-15
In situ evaluation of basil oil essential oil cytotoxicity (Ocimum basilicum L.) PDF
Maysa Christovam Mangetti, Rebeca Petroni Affini, Adilson Cesar de Abreu Bernardi, Nadia Lunardi, Guilherme José Pimentel Lopes de Oliveira, Rodolfo Jorge Noeck Neto, Eloisa Marcantonio Boeck 16-24
In vitro study: susceptibility to pigmentation of different ceramic surfaces PDF
Victor Rodas Vega, Nancy Mena, Fernando Sandoval, Mauricio Tinajero 25-27