Color stability of esthetic restorative material after topical fluoride application

Chaya Chhabra, Anand Tavargeri, Rajesh Anegundi, Shruti Patil, Kumar Gauray Chhabra


AIM: Present study was conducted to compare the effect of topical fluoride agents on color change of three aesthetic restorative materials. MATERIAL AND METHODS: Restorative material used were Ketac Fill type II (GIC), Filtek Z350(Composite) and Beuttifull II (Giomer). Topical Fluorides used were Pascal (1.23% APF gel) and Fluoride Varnish (Bifluoride). 24 samples of each restorative material were prepared, which were divided into 8 each, among three groups. Treatment of Group A with APF gel, Group B with Varnish was done and Group C with distilled water which was used as a control, followed by immersing of samples in artificial saliva for 48 hr. Samples were then subjected to colorimetric analysis. Data collected was statistically analysed using one way ANOVA and Tukys Post Hoc Test. RESULTS: GIC showed statistically significant change in color in both APF and Varnish group compared to composite and Giomer after 48 hr. CONCLUSION: Present study concludes that Topical fluoride agents have detrimental effect on color of aesthetic restorative materials. Giomer was least effected out of the three restorative materials and this can be used as alternative to other restorative material.

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Journal of Research in Dentistry, University of Southern of Santa Catarina, Santa Catarina, ISSN 2317-5907

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