Ipsilateral supplementary lateral incisors: a case report

André Luis Shinohara, Eduardo Ferro de Grava, Antônio de Castro Rodrigues, Jesus Carlos Andreo, Rogério Leone Buchaim, Milton Carlos Kuga, Farooque Jamaluddin Ahmed


Supernumerary teeth are one of the dental anomalies which occur due to the developmental disturbances in teeth. They can be seen in various shape and form. They can occur in both the deciduous and permanent dentition and can impose aesthetic and occlusion problems. Morphologically the supernumerary teeth exhibit various forms ranging from conical to tuberculate and supplemental types. Supplemental teeth as the name suggests are similar in shape to that of the normal prototype. In this particular case, we are reporting a case of ipsilateral supplemental permanent lateral incisors and the treatment approach which would subsequently facilitate the patient to undergo orthodontic treatment.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.19177/jrd.v3e12015600-605


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Journal of Research in Dentistry, University of Southern of Santa Catarina, Santa Catarina, ISSN 2317-5907

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