Salivary reservoir designs for patients with xerostomia: a review

Prem Bhushan, Menas A Aras, Vidya Chitre, Ivy Coutinho, Aradhana Nagarsekhar, Ashwin Mysore


Aim: The present paper aims to review the literature available on various approaches to salivary reservoir designs, the functional aspects, cleansibility, type of attachments used, and different techniques used for the fabrication of salivary reservoirs in patients suffering from xerostomia.

Material and Methods: A search in the National Library of Medicine’s Pub Med database, Google search and Science Direct was performed to include all case reports and reviews on prosthodontic rehabilitation of dentulous/partially edentulous/edentulous patient with xerostomia.

Results: Out of the 35 articles found in the database search, 18 articles were included based on the designs they adopted for fabrication of salivary reservoirs.

Conclusions: The various designs available in literature enable an operator to choose the most suitable reservoir design based on specific patient requirements. Innovations in reservoir design promise a more customized prosthesis for every patient. Further research and innovation will enable increasingly efficient salivary substitute delivery systems for the xerostomic patient.

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Journal of Research in Dentistry, University of Southern of Santa Catarina, Santa Catarina, ISSN 2317-5907

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