Continued medication use in dentistry: the importance of dental records

Glaucia Helena Faraco de Medeiros, Vanessa Brüning


Aim: Appoint the main chronic diseases and the most frequent medications used by the patients by the graduation students of Dentistry between 2012 and 2014/A,through patients’dentistry records.

Material and Methods: Two studies were performed: one retrospective in patients’ dentistry records, attended at the Clinical School of Dentistry and a cross-sectional study with the students enrolled between the 6th and 9th semester in 2014/B. After the record, the data were inserted on an Excel® spreadsheet to posterior analysis by simple frequency.

Results: Eighty-eight charts were evaluated and applied a questionnaire to 61 students. The most prevalence disease in the attended patients at the clinic and mentioned by the students was the systemic arterial hypertension, 77.25% and 60.66% respectively. Fifty-eight students (95%) affirmed confirming the patients’ anamnesis with systemic arterial hypertension, mellitus diabetes and chronic disease. The most used medications by these patients are those to control the systemic arterial hypertension, mellitus diabetes and heart diseases. Seventy-two percent affirmed interest on the purpose of patients’ medication; 32.79% say to research about their interaction. By dentistry records analyzed we found that only 5.6% took notes about the time of use of the medications.

Conclusions: The chronic diseases most found in patients were the arterial hypertension, mellitus diabetes and heart diseases. The main medications are used to control diseases previously mentioned. One update of anamnesis record is suggested by the students.

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