Characterization of bacteria in betel quiz chewers and non -chewers and their associated oral health status

Deepika Vyas, Bharath Galra, Rishubh Dagli, Prabhu Prakash Gupta, Ashish Vyas, Divya Parekh


Aim: To evaluate oral health status, periodontal status, gingival status, oral lesions and bacterial characterization among betel quid chewers and non chewers.

Material and Methods: The data was collected regarding socio-demographic characteristic, oral hygiene status, gingival status, periodontal status, bacterial characterization among betel quid chewers and non chewers. The microbiological examination was carried out to assess the micro flora. The statical analysis was done by using SPSS version 21(Chicago ,USA). The p value≤ 0.05 was found to be statistically significant.

Results: Aerobic as well as anaerobic bacteria were more characterized among quid chewers as compared to non quid chewers. Significant co-relation was found between oral hygiene status and gingival status ,CPI and LOA, oral lesions and bacterial characterization among quid chewers characterization  (r=0.391, 0.932, 572 respectively p-value=0.000, S) and among non quid chewers significant correlation was found between CPI and LOA scores (r=0.658 p-value=0.000, S).

Conclusions: Chewing betel quid has been found in role of detoriation of oral hygiene gingival status periodontal status and also development of oral lesions.

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Journal of Research in Dentistry, University of Southern of Santa Catarina, Santa Catarina, ISSN 2317-5907

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