Attitude and practice of dental professionals towards using of advance radiographic technique: a cross-sectional descriptive study

Ashok Galav, Monalisa Borah, Chetan Sugandhi, Raju Rathod, Nupur Satija, Mansi Chauhan


Aim: To assess the attitude and practice of dental professionals towards using of advance Radiographic technique.

Material and Methods: It is a descriptive Cross-sectional Questionnaire study. Sample size was 375 dental professionals including BDS, MDS and post graduate students who were present at the time of study and given their informed consent were included in study. The study was conducted in Tatya Saheb Kore Dental College and Research Center New Pargaon, Distt. Kolhapur, Maharashtra.

Results: 141 (38%) of study participants strongly supports use of advance radiographic technique for the diagnosis of Dental diseases, while only 19 (5%) strongly disagrees55% of study participants thinks that mock drills for the demonstration of usage of advance radiographic technique in dentistry is very much needed. Majority of dental professional {202(54%)} were using both Conventional Radiographic technique and Advance Radiographic technique in combination.

Conclusions: Attitude of Dental professionals towards advance radiographic technique is positive. Need of the hour is to increase the practice of advance radiographic technique for the better understanding of this area.

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