Expectation of patient with malocclusion from orthodontic treatment: a descriptive cross-sectional survey among private dental clinics in India

Uday Kumar Reddy, Kirti Bahar, Sushil Choudhary, Naorem Indrani Devi, Kriti Kaushik, Poornima Prabhu


Aim: The study is conducted to explore various expectations of patients with malocclusion from Orthodontic treatment.

Material and Methods: A cross-sectional questionnaire survey was conducted among 350 Patients with malocclusion seeking Orthodontic treatment in various private clinics of Jodhpur city. Questionnaire consists of three parts assessing the expectation of patients from Orthodontic treatment.

Results: Majority of study participants {211(60%)} belongs to age group of 16-19 years. Among all study participants 248 (71%) were females. Majority of study participants {233(67%)} expects there Orthodontic treatment duration to be 1-2 years. 148(42%) of study participants expects their Orthodontic treatment to be very traumatic while 134(38%) of study participants expects very less side effects from Orthodontic treatment. Majority of Study participants {189(54%)} expects an excellent improvement from Orthodontic treatment. Attitude of orthodontist was positive for 175 (50%) study participants.

Conclusions: Expectation of the patients towards Orthodontic treatment and Orthodontist were positive and are satisfied about their treatment. Most of the patients had realistic expectations regarding their Orthodontic treatment which can be fulfilled by the Orthodontists.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.19177/jrd.v4e52016144-149


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