The influence of chemiotherapic agents and their accessories on oral manifestations of acute lymphoid leukemic children

Leila Maués Oliveira Hanna, Maria Teresa Boti Rodrigues Santos, Rodolfo José Gomes de Araújo, Jéssica Mendes Damasceno, Gelson Gomes de Andrade Filho


Aim: To evaluate the influence of chemotherapy agents and their accessories on oral manifestations of children who have acute lymphoid leukemia.

Material and Methods: After the stipulated period for the research, the total sample reached was of  68children. Nevertheless, only 46 children had continued for the second period. Children from 2 to 12 years of age who had been diagnosed with ALL – and would be submitted to treatment at Ophir Loyola Hospital, in Belém, State of Pará – had been included in the research. The first evaluation has been held before the chemotherapy treatment and had offered anamnesis and clinical exams. The second evaluation has been held in 10 to 15 days after the beginning of chemotherapy treatment and has offered a new clinical exam and annotations of the drugs which had been utilized during the chemotherapy.

Results: From the drugs given at Ophir Loyola Hospital, it has been observed that 14 to 24mg (83%), vincristine 0,6mg to 1 g (80%), ARA-C 20mg to 1600mg (74%), cardioxane13mg to 340mg (65%), methotrexate  12mg to 2400mg (63%), cyclophosphamide 104mg to 1540mg (59%), asparaginase 50UI to 9600UI (57%) andmesna 75mg to 510mg (54%)  have been used the most. No drug has presented statistic at 5% levelin Fisher exact test, when crossing with the presence of the main mouth manifestations: mucositis, xerostomia, toothache,and dysphagia.

Conclusions: In the face of the results, it can be concluded that there has been no influence of the chemotherapy agents and their accessories in the oral manifestations of acute lymphoid leukemic children; nevertheless, these patients may present any kind of lesion on the mouth cavity during or after the beginning of chemotherapy. The dental surgeon needs to recognize the oral manifestations and intervene on the buccal health of the ALL patients, contributing and helping with his/her treatment.

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