Knowledge and attitude regarding periodontal diseases among undergraduate students of a dental college, Udaipur city

Anant Raghav Sharma, Shristhi Sharma


Aim: The present study is conducted to explore knowledge and attitude regarding periodontal diseases among dental undergraduate students.

Material and Methods: This is a descriptive cross-sectional questionnaire study. Samples are undergraduate students of third year, fourth year and internship students. Students who are present on the day of study was included in the study and given there informed consent.

Results: Majority of study subjects among all study participants knows the meaning of periodontal diseases {207(72%)}. Most of the study participants {158(55%)} told that the vitamin C deficiency, poor oral hygiene and injury to gums all are main cause of periodontal diseases. Most of the study participants {192(66%)} were agrees with the fact that periodontal diseases are very hazardous for teeth. Most of the undergraduate students {189(65%)} were agree with the fact that periodontal diseases in its early cannot be ignored. Periodontal diseases can affect general health was agreed by most of study participants {151 (52%)}.

Conclusions: Based on above results it was revealed that the well-educated dental professionals who are going to become the foundation of future dentistry had a fair knowledge and positive attitude regarding the periodontal diseases.

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