Ruchika S Iyer, Suchitra S.R, Divya Hegde, Cora A Coutinho, Akansha Priya


Introduction: The demand for metal free restorations may it be fixed or removable has increased manifold in
the recent past. BioHPP is one such material that has been introduced recently in the field of prosthodontics.

Aim: The aim of this narrative review is to discuss the properties of BioHPP (Biocompatible High Performance
Polymer) material and its applications in the field of prosthodontics

Materials and Methods: A search strategy was performed on PubMed and Google Scholar with key words:
Modified PEEK, BioHPP, Prosthodontic applications.

Results: Seventy nine articles were retrieved. After hand search and along with cross reference a total of 84
articles were identified. Ultimately 18 articles were selected and discussed as they met the selection criteria.

Conclusion: Within the scope of this review, reported literature showed that BioHPP has proven to be a boon
to the field of prosthodontics as a result of its excellent biocompatibility as well as mechanical properties.
BioHPP offers a wide range of applications may it be in removable or fixed prosthodontics. With an increase in
the number of clinical trials and long term follow up studies, BioHPP might prove to be a material of choice for
a variety of prosthodontic applications.


Modified PEEK, BioHPP, Prosthodontic applications.



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