Journal of Research in Dentistry

Objective, the Journal of Research in Dentistry is a bimonthly publication which aims to to bring to light scientific and technologic advances, following quality guidelines and peer reviews of relevance to the entire dental scientific community as well as related specialties from local, regional, national and international sources.

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Vol 4, No 5 (2016)

Table of Contents


Attitude and practice of dental professionals towards using of advance radiographic technique: a cross-sectional descriptive study PDF
Ashok Galav, Monalisa Borah, Chetan Sugandhi, Raju Rathod, Nupur Satija, Mansi Chauhan 134-139
Treatment of inflammatory internal root resorption with biodentine: a case report PDF
Shristhi Sharma, Ananth Raghav Sharma, Shanti Prasad Maurya, Ashutosh Paliwal 140-143
Expectation of patient with malocclusion from orthodontic treatment: a descriptive cross-sectional survey among private dental clinics in India PDF
Uday Kumar Reddy, Kirti Bahar, Sushil Choudhary, Naorem Indrani Devi, Kriti Kaushik, Poornima Prabhu 144-149
Knowledge, attitude, practice towards primary prevention of dental diseases among oral health professionals in India PDF
Mitesh D Kathariya, Antarikshya Prabir, Shurti R Sahasrabudhe, Anil Kumar Reddy, Saghiruddin Azad, Vaishakh Nambiar 150-156
Successful clinical management of atrophic flabby ridge with liquid supported prosthesis: a case report PDF
Rohit Sharma, Virender Singh, Shailee Jain, Narzi Parekh 157-160