Freeing Up Access to Learning: The Role for Open Educational Resources

Murilo Matos Mendonça


The Internet revolution of the last few years has had an impact on how we all live our lives. So it is not surprising that this is also a time of change in attitudes towards how we learn. Free access to information through computer networks has expanded, and part of that information flow are materials designed to help people learn. In addition there are many further online resources that help the learning process, even if that was not the original aim. However, there are risks in this evolution in access to information both for the end user, who can  be  confused  by  the  options  available  to  them,  and  to  those  involved  in  providing education, who may see their traditional role changing and becoming harder to perform. This situation  provides  the  background  for  a  growing  movement  to  directly  consider  how education  can  be  provided  in  a  freer  and  more  open  way.



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