Vol 1, No 3 (2013)

Table of Contents


Editorial PDF
Hugo Alberto Vidotti 183


Evaluation of the fracture resistance of remaining thin-walled roots restored with different post systems PDF
Luis Gustavo Nunes Dias Pinho, Gustavo Helder Vinholi, Tulio Kalife Coelho, Dimas João Rodrigues Neto, Daiane Cerutti Kopplin, Anísio Lima Silva 184-191
Reverse torque values in indexed abutments PDF
Daiane Cerutti-Kopplin, Dimas João Rodrigues Neto, Accácio Lins do Valle, Jefferson Ricardo Pereira, Luis Gustavo Nunes Dias Pinho 192-198
Evaluation of surface roughness and color change of a light-cured and a heat-cured acrylic resin employed for fabrication of prosthetic bases after exposure to different types of disinfectants PDF
Adriana Maria Jorge Dal'acqua Silva, Joice González Guerrero, Luciana de Rezende Pinto, Ricardo Martins Carvalho, Vinicius Carvalho Porto 199-209
Influence of fibreglass post design and lengths on the bond strength PDF
Paulo César Freitas Santos Filho, Bruno Rodrigues Reis, Crisnicaw Veríssimo, Paulo Vinicius Soares, Murilo Souza Menezes, Carlos José Soares 210-218
Effect of the framework material on the final color of all-ceramic restorations PDF
Márcia Borba, Queli Nunes Sonza, Álvaro Della Bona 219-229
Effects of coronal leakage on concentration of hydrogen ions and calcium release of several calcium hydroxide pastes over different periods of time PDF
Mariana Pires Crespo, Milton Carlos Kuga, Marcus Vinicius Reis Só, Katia Cristina Keine, André Luis Shinohara 230-239
Effect of the light-emitting diode units on the depth of polymerization of a composite PDF
Anderson Catelan, Bruno de Castro Ferreira Barreto, Thaís Yumi Umeda Suzuki, Giselle Maria Marchi, Débora Alves Nunes Leite Lima, Paulo Henrique Santos, Flávio Henrique dos Santos Aguiar 240-245
Comparative analysis of three rotary instruments used for coronal pre-enlargement in radicular dentin thickness and root canal area of mandibular molars PDF
Keren Cristina Fagundes Jordão Basso, Milton Carlos Kuga, Katia Cristina Keine, Marina Oliveira Gonçalves Galoza, Marcus Vinicius Reis Só 246-252
Influence of photoactivation protocol and ceramic thickness on mechanical properties of cementation agents PDF
Bárbara Malta Neves Oliveira, Karime Botelho Alves, Gláucia Maria Bovi Ambrosano, Débora Alves Nunes leite Lima, Giselle Maria Marchi Baron, Flávio Henrique Baggio Aguiar, Maria Cecília Caldas Giorgi 253-262
Sonic, ultrasonic and manual instruments in the control of periodontal disease: an in vitro evaluation PDF
Gustavo Otoboni Molina, Marcelo Tomás Oliveira, Rodrigo Otoboni Molina, Camila Martins Alano, Fabrizio Lorenzoni Silva, Saulo Pamato 263-272