Integração das Tecnologias Educativas Digitais ao Ensino na Sala de Aula

Elcio Schuhmacher


Political and institutional support allowed millions of reais to be spent on the purchase of computer equipment for educational purposes, but its curricular payment in schools has been timid and reports of success are presented in specific situations. Although access to equipment and the Internet as didactic resources have improved in most schools, the instructional integration of Digital Educational Technologies (TEDs) is still insufficient to support student learning. The adequate integration of teachers 'TEDs promises a great change in the teaching process. It is a complex phenomenon because it involves the understanding of teachers' motivations, perceptions and beliefs about learning and its relation to technology. Although TED has the potential to transform education, there are barriers in its curricular insertion that must be transposed. This article presents a methodological model of continuing education directed to teachers of the public school system and that aims at the application of TED in education from the recognition of the barriers to its integration.

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R. Tecnol. Inf. Comun., Universidade do Sul de Santa Catarina, Santa Catarina, ISSN 2526-6004